September 10, 2005

3-Line Popularity

As it turns out, tons of people have taken the 3-Line Quiz and reported their scores. A plug on NationStates by Adriana brought in some reports and what appears to be possibly several hundred test-takers over a few days. I have maybe 3 dozen score reports, so I could now post a compilation of them. I'm not sure whether to count each person's three scores separately or linked together. It would be most interesting to see the combinations that are uncommon.

I'm more interested in refining it based on these test runs. I might need to adjust the questions to be clearer so that they're not overly narrow or overly broad. Still, an important part of the test is the preconceptions that a taker has; if I ask a certain question broadly then somebody's negative or positive interpretation of it betrays their biases on the issue.

The 4-line quiz is next. I need to rescore the questions a little bit, then I'll spend three years of my life doing the whole code by hand. I think I'll limit it to five rankings per line instead of seven, so that way I'll have fewer combinations I have to go through in the coding process.

After getting the 4-line done I might unify the 3-line into just one quiz for all three lines. Eventually I could try and run it all into one big 100-question test but as it stands the "7 Line Quiz" is awfully far away.

My main goal for the quiz at this point is to refine it sufficiently to give me a good idea of the test-taker's views. Then, in conjunction with a more conventional, policy-based quiz and the 4 Line, I'll be able to author Intelligence Reports for and about people. I'll send it out to some famous bloggers, see if they're interested in having an Intelligence Report written about them. They take the tests, I'll read them, look over some of their blog posts and be able to write a decent Intelligence Report.

If it works well and some big-time bloggers post their IRs with links here, then I'll start doing it for a small fee, largely in order to offset my bandwidth and hosting costs (I have thus far declined to put up ads or a paypal link). I'm not going to go into it with the expectation that I'll profit any off of this, or even break even, but I expect it to be fun.


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