August 11, 2005

Jimmy Carter: Whining, Lying, Bitter Jackass

I still don't like Jimmy Carter. First remember that his foreign policy was supposed to be based on morality despite shining examples to the contrary like the Carter Doctrine and support for the despotic Shah. Then recall that his moronic domestic policies were uninspiring and dangerous, ranging from establishing the separate Dept of Education as a political favor to teachers' unions for their electoral support to his incredibly uninspiring non-solutions to the national malaise of the time.

After his presidency he played diplomat at times when nobody asked him to, often violating, abusing or ignoring the poilicy goals of the Administration in power. He again showed the lie of both his claims to honesty and human rights when he complimented Kim Il Sung as 'vigorous and intelligent' and said they were not an outlaw nation - even though North Korea is a Stalinist regime that's murdered tons of its own people, criminalized refugee emigration, killed a tenths of its population through famine and established a system of at least ten death camps. Way to strike a blow for honesty and morality, asshole. And the deal Carter struck despite lacking any authorization? It was the disastrous Agreed Framework that (in application) allowed North Korea to get free electricity on the US' dime while continuing to develop nuclear weapons. By the way, it's now admitted to being a nuclear-armed state, and defectors have told us their strategy for a conflict with the US is to nuke our bases in Japan and South korea in order to cause enough US casualties to make us withdraw. Really effective, Carter.

Jimmy Carter's also been having fun speaking out against the US and the war in Iraq, said the conflict was based on lies, and urged the closing of Guantanamo Bay. Great sense of balance there. He criticizes gitmo and Iraq but praises Kim Il Sung and Castro. Again: asshole.

This piece today from George Will shows that Carter is also something of a fibber and a gossip.

And by the way, his one real success, the Camp David Accord, was only found amidst the wider failure of his six-sided talks and notably failed to come to any real decision about the Palestinians, but was also largely brokered due to the intentions of Begin and Sadat. Good job, Jimmy. You managed to take five hostiles and scratch out a peace treaty between the two sides that wanted peace independently of your talks. Glad to see that all the violence in the region is all over and the controversy behind us.

Jimmy Carter: don't believe the hype.


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