August 19, 2005

Democrats Need Coercion

Apparently Democrats need coercion because they can't get away with their boneheaded ideas without lawmakers forcing rule changes on the economy. At least that's the first thing that popped into my head when I read what Air America tried to do to avoid paying for its mistakes. Plagued almost from the beginning by funding shortages and trouble with creditors - including a scandal involving an overdue substantial loan from the nonprofit Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club - in May 2004 apparently the management of AIr America dodged their debts by simply moving into a new shell corporation. It was the same management, but they tried to transfer the assets without transferring the liabilities. That's just dumb.

Of course, it's not directly related and just because people with a leftist bent run Air America doesn't mean leftists in general are this way. Still, the parallels of being tragically bad with money and unable to accept the consequences are funny, if not particularly enlightening.


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