July 18, 2005

Israeli Protests

I heard on NPR that the massive Israeli pro-settlement protests resulted in Israeli police arresting tons of people and stopping several hundred busloads of people from going to Gaza to protest. Bus drivers that tried to drive anyway had their licenses revoked. Let's see if the Palestinian authorities can start showing similar good faith by cracking down on terrorists. I'd say Israel is clearly serious about pulling all the settlers out of Gaza and their very strong (perhaps even too strong) moves to pull out settlements prove good faith. I don't think the Palestinian leaders have done as much in return; I'd credit most of the reduction in violence in Israel (though certainly reduction doesn't mean a halt, as we've seen) to the security fence.

The Israelis are working on their side; it's time for the Palestinians to show they want to build peace or to stop complaining when the IDF comes in to do the job they won't do on their own.


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