July 26, 2005

'Did the Iraq War Cause The July Bombings?'

Idiotic. Did invading Nazi-held Europe on D-Day lead to the Battle of the Bulge? Just stupid. Yes, we're engaged in conflict with the Islamist killers and as a result they're going to use ongoing and past conflicts as rhetorical flashpoints to rally their side to action, but that doesn't mean the conflict was ineffective or in bad judgment, nor does it mean that violence could have been avoided. We were already being engaged in violence by these same groups, whether we responded or not. It's ludicrous to think that it's all a response to the war in Iraq.

It's a conceit of dumbass Western journalists that somehow the war in Iraq is a point of contention for the Islamists, while the war in Afghanistan, the existence of the state of Israel, the Australian-led campaign for East Timor, or the 1991 Gulf War are not. This is editorial revisionism; the journalists oppose the war in Iraq, so they want to cast it as the cause of further violence, but few Westerners would openly oppose the existence of Israel or the war against the Taliban or the 1991 Gulf War so they can't blame these for the war.

As John Howard said a few days ago, the Islamists cited the Australian role in freeing East Timor (Catholics) from the brutal occupation at the hands of Indonesia (Muslims) as a primary motivation behind the Bali bombing. Yet few Western mainstream journalists would argue that we should've continued to let Indonesia brutalize the East Timorese.

By the same token, the Islamists in Sudan killed approximately 2 million black Africans (Christians and animists) mostly by forced famine during the North-South civil war. In the Darfur region the Janjaweed militias, almost certainly aided by the Sudanese air force, are wiping out black non-Muslims to the tune of 10,000 lives a month, and many more raped and beaten, not to mention the many others forced to flee for their lives. None of these people is guilty of anything related to the war in Iraq, but are decidedly guilty of not being Muslims and not being Arabs.

It's madness to try and ascribe rational motives to this ideology any more than we would ascribe rationality to the Final Solution. It would be beyond foolish to try and explain - let alone justify - the Nazi genocide; it borders on the bigoted to indulge the hatred of the Nazis by elevating them to reasonable thinkers with misguided plans. They were not reasonable men, they were twisted by hatred, pushed by momentum and stripped of their humanity by unquenchable desires for some imagined racial perfection. In the same vein, the Islamo-fascists who now threaten the free world are not reasonable men with exaggerated methods. They are nihilistic killers who use culture as a rallying point to bring together lost, despondent or listless souls who are more interested in committing to any cause than committing to a good cause.

Like the Nazis, the Islamo-fascists are far less an ideology and far more a personality disorder. Do not try and divine some rational political agenda from their hatred; they are bigots, killers, homophobes, misogynists and nihilists who attach themselves to Islam as a proxy for true ideology.


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