July 07, 2005

Bombings in London

Cowards have bombed the London transit system and injured over a thousand people, with dozens dead so far. London only just won the 2012 Olympics a day or two ago from Paris and the UK is playing host to the G-8 summit. The UK was an attractive target for chaos. Multiple transit bombings, apparently three on the tube and one on a bus, sounds like an echo of the Madrid 3/11 bombings. An Al Qaeda group has taken credit for the murders.

Blair gave a strong speech pledging resolve in the face of the attacks.
    It is important that those who engage in terrorism realize that our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction and impose extremism on the world. They will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear.
Both President Bush and President Chirac stood right behind Prime Minister Blair as he made this announcement. Stupid move, Islamist assholes. Getting the French to stand on stage with the British and Americans in a statement on terror sends a very strong message for our side.

They attacked because a) it worked on Spain, bringing about a Socialist victory and withdrawal from Iraq, and b) they're losing in Iraq. It's a sad fact that because the losing side gets more desperate as its ultimate failure looms closer and closer, it gets more bloodthirsty and unpredictable. "The fox is deadliest when cornered." With Iraq clearly moving into the democratic column and the intra-Western feud over the conflict moving from ultra-divisive to a resigned cooperative effort, they needed some chaos and fear again. They needed to put some hurt back on us.

This cruelty will not go unpunished.


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