July 23, 2005

Behold the 4-Line Quiz

Judging from the site tracking device, the 3-Line Quiz is currently one of the more popular aspects of this site, and is one of the more often linked. Therefore, I will eventually make a big coding push and put it all on one big honkin' page. Until then, I've come up with the 4-Line Quiz. Unlike the 3-Line, which deals with political philosophy generally, the 4-Line is designed to cover foreign policy more narrowly. The quiz is essentially done but the coding is going to be long and tedious.

But for now, I've got a working PNG of the quiz lines. I reserve the right to add/remove lines, rename or revalue them or whatever else. Since I've already written the quiz, I probably won't change anything soon.

The diagonal and vertical lines are not meant to be interchangeable with the 3 Lines (except the capitalist-socialist one, of course) but I did try to match them up to some degree. The pacifist-militarist one is mostly based on traditional stereotypes of left-wing and right-wing, so it was easy to do but hard to accept (because the stereotype itself is largely meaningless on any real philosophical debate).

Because I don't think I've asked the right balance of questions, I won't post the quiz. I will, however, link to the SelectSmart selector I made on the same subject. The selector doesn't relate directly to the 4 Lines, and instead rates you against various philosophical identities. It can be found here. The 3 Line quiz is listed all over the place, and can be taken here.


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