June 07, 2005

Spiffed Up WP Article

I just spiffed up the Wikipedia entry Neolibertarian. I was doing a google search, in part to see if I have regained my page rank, but also to see if it would turn up anything interesting, and I saw the wikipedia entry. It was pretty short, probably because somebody had done it quickly and wasn't sure what else to put. I added some stuff about the subject, meaning I added most of the text there. I tried to keep it kind of balanced; I'm a little spoiled by blog and website writing, which can be as biased and rambling as I want it to be.

I also added my own description of what it means to be neolibertarian. I've put it up on my webpage, too. It's available here and also as a tiny-text link on the home page. If you see errors on the wiki I made, go ahead and fix it (click 'edit'). If you disagree with my take, then please first remember that you're wrong.


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