June 04, 2005

New Tech Stuff

In the last couple days I've started using w.bloggar, Yahoo! desktop search, and Firefox.

I heard about w.bloggar from Jeff Jarvis' son's blog. It bills itself as the best way to interface with your blog, but I really liked the little orange Blog This! icon on my google search bar. So I downloaded w.bloggar a couplke weeks ago and didn't use it after setting it up. It was more convenient to use the Blog This! button. Since I use Firefox now, w.bloggar is suddenly more convenient than loading up blogspot (which I never do unless I'm on a different computer or already fiddling there. Eventually I'll try to recreate that Blog This! button, but for now w.bloggar is useful, has a more interactive setup, has way more options, and a far superior spell check. If you blog, you might try it out. As a sidenote, I don;t use the title feature because I like my blog entries the same font, color and size.

Yahoo! desktop search I heard on Coyote Blog. I have yet to index it, and I will do that tonight if I remember. I'm looking forward to fast searches, since Windows search was been woefully inadequate and painfully slow for years.

Firefox so far is really fun. It's faster than IE, but it also has better features. I was used to my google toolbar, maybe the best part of my IE experience, and I'm still getting accustomed to how Firefox works. So far the interface is almost always better, the RSS bookmarking feature is a timesaver, and the tabbing is definitely fun. As I said, I'm still getting used ot it, but I'm excited. I plan to stick with it and will rarely use IE in the future.

This reminds me, I've updated the site to be compatible with firefox users. The rollover links on the website would disappear during rollover, but only for Firefox and not for IE. A number of visitors to the site/blog are Firefox users, though still a minority.

So if you have time and want to speed up your computer tasks, try these features out.


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