June 29, 2005

Leave Baseball Alone Already

Stupid Congress. It wasn't enough that they had to root around and try to find out if baseball players might be trying to ENHANCE THEIR PERFORMANCE! The horror! Now two Republicans, Sweeney from NY and Davis from VA (formerly a Democrat, then an Independent for one term) are making open grumblings about a financial group headed by George Soros buying the new DC baseball team. Just leave baseball alone.

Baseball should police drug violators itself, like the Olympics. But does it really matter that Soros wants pot legal and opposed the war in Iraq? Not really a baseball issue at all. In fact, it seems to me that it's his right to hold his own political opinions. He's not a criminal and he's not being accused of theft or underhanded tactics, just of being on the wrong side of the political divide. Who cares?

Leave baseball alone. Go fix Social Security. While you're at it, run to Schumer's office and tell him to leave video games alone. Pack of no-goodniks, you all are.


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