June 09, 2005

Housekeeping and Updates

I've spruced up the place with a different banner, larger font sizes for the website features and fiddled around with the blogroll to better reflect what I read. The new banner is easier to read but still not terribly flashy. I was pretty proud of the last banner, mostly because I now exclusively use the much-maligned MS Paint to do my graphics. It's not supposed to be art, just something mildly interesting and perfectly legible before scrolling down. For the blogroll, I added sites that I read regulary. I get to almost all those sites at least once a week and others once a day. I removed a couple sites that, regrettably, I did not regularly read (I'd feel worse about it if they hadn't both de-blogrolled me at some point, though I'm not sure why that should be relevant). Also, I've enlarged (doubled, actually) the font size for the titles of the various website features in the left column, and I added the Global Warming Sham to the list.

For the list of features to come, I've got the map done and html-coded for the Dar al-Islam piece. I'm delaying mostly so that i can process the issue in the back of my mind. For some reason I'm uncomfortable with how I've conceived it 'til now, probably because it seems strange to make people click a link to open a new page when I might not put very much information on it. On the other hand, some pages could have quite a bit of information, and all told there'd be like a dozen hot spots to explain - plus the introductory paragraphs (which I've already written). So, it would be too much for one page and perhaps too little for a dozen pages. I could use intra-page links, but for some reason the other issue articles using intra-page links have stopped working (something else I have to address or remove).

I may just put Dar al-Islam on hold and get started on the Genocide piece, or the Supreme Court Caselaw one. I'll figure it out. Either way, I'll soon start putting out more issue articles (in addition to the randomly-spaced editorials).


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