May 14, 2005

Why Does Darfur Not Lead The News?

For the last two years, the death toll from the Janjaweed Arab-Muslim roving murderers is up to around 400,000 people. The Sudanese military is firebombing villages. Janjaweed fighters have raped an unknown number of women across the country in an attempt to force Arab children upon them. Refugee numbers are continuing to climb. Trends look like 3.25 million will need to be fed in a region marred by violence and severe lack of modern transportation.

This is genocide. Everybody knows it; nobody cares.

Why does Darfur not lead the news every night? Is it because they're African? Because they're not white? Are the media scared it might be seen as anti-Muslim? Are the media incapable of understanding a genocide that can't be blamed on Europe or America? Or is "genocide" just not newsworthy anymore?

If I only watched cable networks for my news I might have never heard of Darfur but I could tell you every little thing about Abu Ghraib and I'd have the photos memorized so well I'd feel like I knew all the soldiers in those photos.

How can it be that pictures of Iraqis being humiliated can find its way into the beginning, middle and end of most news programs for months and yet the pictures of Sudanaese beaten, murdered, burned and displaced can only be found from an Internet search?

Maybe we're all just tired of it now. So much foreign news of Islamists and death and terrorists and violence and we just get a little fed up. Well, too fucking bad. Genocide doesn't wait to come on your schedule. In fact, it usually comes when you have the least interest in doing something about it - like right now.

In Rwanda in the summer of 1994, what finally stopped the genocide that claimed 800,000? Was it the armies of the West, with their superior technology? Was it the diplomats of the UN, with their effected concern for humanity? Was it the media, with their self-important rhetoric? Was it the criminals themselves, who had an attack of conscience? No! It was the Rwandan Patriotic Force, the rebel Tutsi force from Ugandan refugee camps that had been kicking the government's ass before the cease-fire and resumed kicking the government's ass after the cease-fire.

There are ultimately two things that historically stop a government from genocide: military defeat and killing enough. Either somebody has to beat that genocidaire or the genocide continues until it kills a whole lot of people and there aren't enough left to justify the same pace. Not a lot of middle ground.

Either stunning defeat or brutal victory. Which will it be for the racist Janjaweed thugs and the Islamist Khartoum government? If you asked the media, both online and MSM, the answer is: "filibuster."


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