May 06, 2005

Sensible Immigration

Coyote Blog has a good post on immigration that roughly captures my own take on the issue. I have trouble buying into the feelings behind the anti-immigrant people because it seems to me they are at best disastrously misguided and at worst bald, socialistic racism. After all, the vast majority of immigrants coming up from Mexico are here for jobs and freedom.

We need to separate out the different needs of immigration policy. There are two in particular that have been intentionally grafted so that the justified and important goals of one can piggyback in the darker and shadier goals of the other. The first strain is national security - keeping out terrorists with bombs and ill intent and so forth is of course important. The second strain is about jobs, ethnicity and blunt nationalism - as Michael Savage calls it, "borders, language, culture." It is beyond intellectually dishonest to associate the sensible objectives of the first strain with the protectionist and exclusionary objectives of the second strain.

This is one of my larger pet peeves about social conservatives. There's no objective ethical reason why being born in another country should mean you have to stay there. America is founded on the idea that men make their own destinies, and we shouldn't force Mexicans to be confined to their crummy destinies just because they were born Mexicans.

Moreover, we'd all be a lot safer and more prosperous if immigration were allowed above-the-table because then businesses would get the workers they need, consumers would get the services they need and the only people who'd have any call to sneak across the border would be criminals and terrorists, not would-be workers. National security is served through regulation, not prohibition.

Prohibition only forces something underground where the police have trouble monitoring it. Regulation makes it much more accessible to the authorities at the same time that it is allowed. If we regulated immigration instead of criminalized it, we'd see millions of immigrants getting the regular background check process instead of living here illegally with no checks. It would be safer for them as well, since they would not have a reason to fear the police, who currently might toss them south of the border.

They just want to work and improve their lives. I don't see how anyone can object to that. After all, they're not making you speak Spanish or eat their excellent burritos. All you have to do is not kick them in the shins when they try to cross the border to clean your toilet, pick your food or build your home.

And speaking from an anecdotal point of view, down here in SW Florida we still haven't rebuilt after all the hurricanes. A lot of people are still constructing homes and trying to finish a roof, etc. Many people still live in the FEMA trailers (18-month rent-free leases that might be extended) and massive debris piles are still common. It is only because of extensive immigrant labor - primarily I think El Salvadorans and Guatemalans - that we have gotten this far. Hurricane season starts in less than a month, and without immigrant labor (hard-working, non-union, long-hours, no-fuss) we'd be nowhere near so rebuilt from Charley, Frances, Jeanne and Ivan.

In part, that's because most of the people here are retired or professional semi-retired. The retired people spend their time relaxing and boating, while the semi-retired people travel to New York and Miami to work and then sail in their off time. There's a precious shortage of young people in the area and immigrant labor provides a much-needed boost of those (male, primarily) aged 18-35 who are so integral to rebuilding after the disaster.

Immigrants of every nationality have helped to build (and rebuild) this country; I condemn those exclusionary tendencies that would weaken the country and harm individuals just to serve some arbitrary concept of "culture." Culture is just a made-up word that Europeans use to console ourselves. We shouldn't make our policy based on "culture." We ought to instead formulate our immigration policy based on a sensible approach to security and an inclusive approach to economic refugees from poverty-stricken socialist states like Mexico.


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