May 08, 2005

Score Report Function Added

Okay, I've added the report function. If you take the 3-Line quiz, please take a minute to report the score. As they accumulate I'll find a way to make a nifty graph and show the results. Bear in mind I don't promise scientific or representative samples; just raw political interest.

I can scratch that off my list of site updates now.

- quiz report function
- historical party breakdown of Congress
- Global Warming Sham
- Dar al-Islam
- genocide overview
- World Report country summaries
- Supreme Court expositions

It's a long list. Believe it or not, I prefer it this way. I'd get bored if I didn't have a series of projects at varying levels of completion. I also like them to be chaotic so that I can organize, which is an incentive for me to be disorganized in order to increase the satisfaction when I finally finish them.

Oh what tangled webs we weave... on the Web.


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