May 31, 2005

Pakistani Bride Gang-Raped For Tribal Vengeance (tip to lgf)

Words do not describe. Just read.

    MULTAN: In an act of revenge, a woman was gang-raped with the consent of her in-laws by three people on her wedding night in Dera Ghazi Khan, police said.

    Ghulam Hussain, the father of the victim Kaneez Kubra, told reporters that his daughter was married to Mujahid Hussain on April 28, as ordered by a panchayat (local jury) under the wani custom since Kaneez’s brother Abdul Majid had sexual relations with Mujahid’s sister Sumera.

    After the wedding, Kaneez Kubra went to the groom’s home. Her husband stayed with her in their room till 11pm and then left. Afterwards, Mujahid’s grandfather Shahroo Khan and his mother Mukhtar came in and told the bride that the wedding was just an excuse to exact revenge on Majid for outraging Sumera’s modesty.

    Mujahid Hussain then invited his three friends Muhammad Rafiq, Shabbir Muhammad and Abdul Majid Almani, who gang-raped the bride.

    The next day, Mujahid Hussain took her to the house of his friend Ghulam Mustafa, who also assaulted her.


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