May 15, 2005

Israeli Independence Day (tip to lgf)

Hooray for Israeli Independence Day. Today, in the Hebrew Calendar, marks the day in which Israel was released from the UN mandate and became a state. May 14, 1948 was the day it happened.

Of course, the Israelis had been fighting before that day and have been fighting since that day. If the "state of war" were a real country, it would be Israel. Scattered Israeli guerrillas fought the British in order to circumvent migrant quotas - mostly Jews flewing Europe after the war. The Israelis fought before Independence Day against the Arabs in the Palestine mandate. They fought after Independence Day against the Arab countries surrounding Israel. They've gone through a lot of wars and despite their flaws and problems they've done a remarkable job under the circumstances.

The Palestinians, needless to say, hate this day. They call it Al Nakba - The Catastrophe. They mourn this day also by the Hebrew calendar. While Israelis celebrate with barbecues and concerts and fireworks - by the way, how quintessentially American does THAT sound - the Palestinians have protests and the like. They also turn on sirens at noon heard in Palestinian cities and towns; this is just like how the Israelis use the same kind of sirens to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day in Israel.

Obviously the Palestinians are trying to rate their defeat in a war and the subsequent social dislocation with the planned, methodical destruction of six million human beings.

Ultimately the issue is not going to ever be resolved until the Palestinians: a) get back their old land, which I believe is all destroyed and rebuilt by Israelis, and drive the Jews into the sea, b) attempt to re-settle where they are and accept that they are in their new homes, or c) move somewhere else in the Middle East or the West and make new lives there.


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