May 24, 2005

Herr Allende

Salvador Allende, cherished as a martyr by leftists the world over after Augusto Pinochet overthrew him in a coup, apparently was swept up in the genetically elitist spirt of the early-twentieth century left. According to a book published in Chile and Spain, a publicly available dissertation by Allenda from 1933 details many of his controversial beliefs. In other words, he sounds like a Nazi wannabe. From a Der Spiegel article:

    In many ways, the young Dr. Allende was, indeed, in line with the Fascism-infected streams that were so prevalent during the first half of the last century. For example, he argued that mental illnesses, criminal behavior, and alcoholism were hereditary. Or further, he argued that homosexuality is an illness curable by implanting testicle tissue into the abdomen. Another example: Allende proclaimed that the hot climate prevented people in southern regions from acting morally. Referring to other studies, Allende wrote ominously about Jews in his dissertation saying, 'The Hebrews are well-known committers of certain types of crimes including: fraud, deceit, defamation, but most notably usury.' "
The left used to be all tied up in Eugenics because it seemed to fit with their creating-a-better-world-without-liberty general theme.


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