May 08, 2005

Future Site Updates

I'll be continuing to update the website, much of which will be available directly from links on the left, or from the NL main menu at the top of the sidebar at left. Here's some of what's coming up:

- As stated earlier, a report function for the quiz (followed by a chart with the early results), today

- Comprehensive historical graphs on the party breakdown of the US Congress, both chambers, including minority parties and a brief summary of the ideals, origins (and endings) of each party, tonight or tomorrow

- A series of two and then three and four essays on the Global Warming Sham (the first was published on the blog months ago), within a week

- My Dar al-Islam tutorial, which will include a map of the Islamic world's conflicts and some details and brief history of each, including the Balkans, Chechnya, Kashmir, the Uighur Autonomous Region, the Sudan, Nigeria and the Palestinian areas, within two or three weeks

In case you haven't figured it out or haven't been there yet, the issue articles page always has at least one article that isn't a link. This is sort of a reminder to me that I wanted to write something about that subject, even if (like the death penalty one) it ends up sitting there unanswered for over a year. But this way explains what I'm thinking to anyone who's interested and it gives me a general timeline to complete these tasks (work and my girl permitting).

Projects further down the pipeline:
- A comprehensive overview of different genocidal events in history, including a brief overview of the Jewish Holocaust and more detailed explanations behind the Armenian genocide, the Rwandan Tutsi genocide, the Darfur black-African genocide and the Congo genocide. This will be probably be in three or four weeks.

- Filling out more countries in the much-delayed World Report and updating for recent elections; countries to include at least the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica, maybe France and eventually others as well. This is slated for after the genocide overview, so this is looking around five or six weeks out.

- An extensive listing of landmark and important Supreme Court decisions that will cover a brief summary of my take on the case and then how it links into my wider judicial philosophy, coupled with an issue-based breakdown in the same feature. So it will have case-based summaries and issue-based summaries. This is an expository, which I do largely for my benefit because I find that a) people searching Yahoo find my site on issues like slavery/abortion, ANWR and Supreme Court term limits, so it spreads my opinions around to post them on the site, and b) if I find myself in an argument I can just link someone back here instead of repeating myself for the billionth time. This one will be continuing but I might not link the page into the issue articles (or advertise it on the blog) until it's long enough to be worth reading.

Don't be surprised if I change the premise of any of these idea features or if I change the timing and order of these immensely.


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