May 11, 2005

The FDP Rules

In German politics, I always sympathize with the Free Democrats, who also go by the informal name the Liberals (Die Liberale). The reason is that they're essentially a classically liberal party in a Thomas-Jefferson-meets-Adam-Smith sort of way. They favor reductions in the government, especially the foreign ministry, tax cuts, and an emphasis on education. The Christian Democrats and the Christian Social Union are too welfare-oriented and too socially conservative for my tastes (overall). So although the few pro-life Germans are almost certainly in the CDU/CSU, I find myself sympathizing with the FDP as a manifestation of my politics.

Imagine my delight when I read on Davids Medienkritik about FDP leader Guido Westerwelle attacking a recent unionist diatribe against American entrepreneurs in Germany. Westerwelle said this at a party conference:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I say this as a liberal with the greatest clarity: I am against hate of foreigners from the right, but I am also against hate of foreigners from the left ladies and gentlemen!
Well said. Visit Davids Medienkritik for a longer form of the quote and for an audio clip (under 2 minutes).


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