May 31, 2005

De Villepin new PM

Raffarin has stepped down as Prime Minister of France due to stunning unpopularity of his timid market reforms and the failed plebiscite on the EU constitution. Chirac had promised a cabinet shuffle, no doubt to reinvigorate his chances for a third term in the 2007 election. De Villepin, who was Foreign Minister from 2002 to 2004 during the contentious Atlantic squabbling over the Iraq war, is moving up from Interior Minister to take the PM slot.

Dominique de Villepin has never been elected to public office. A product of the French academies, a source of French elites for decades, de Villepin hails from the snootiest of the academies - the civil service ecole. He's a career diplomat and bureaucrat. He's most famous for his irrationally absolutist stand against any form of UN intervention against Iraq, breaking France's earlier promise to intervene per UNSC Resolution 1441.

He has a reputation throughout the US, especially on Fox News, as one of the biggest-names in the European anti-American brigades. His elevation will bring a hail of criticism. This means that the Guallist French are now vying with the German Social Democrats for Most Anti-American Electoral Campaign.


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