May 10, 2005

CNN on Bush in Russia

So I was watching CNN yesterday and it pissed me off. I watched most of a brief segment - I confess up-front that they may have fixed the following errors by the end of the segment, but I doubt it - and I saw them characterize Bush as a hypocrite for watching the parade of Russians that included a tribute to the tens of millions of proud Soviets that fell in the fight with fascism. They pointed out the hammer and sickle and the said Bush was a hypocrite for not distancing himself from it all.

Of course, they;re either dumb or evil, because in Latvia two days earlier Bush gave a speech to the baltic heads of government calling the end of World War II a time of new repression for them, he spoke of Yalta as an international disgrace, and generally cast the Soviets as no better than the Nazis. Putin was offended publicly and defended the Red Army and blah blah. So there you go, he distanced himself.

I don't see too big of a problem in paying respect to the brave soldiers that fought in the worst of conditions - at the behest of Stalin - to help rid the world of the Nazis. After all, it was the Reds that freed Auschwitz, the Reds that took Berlin, and without the Reds it's possible the war could've dragged on for years longer and drawn out to a stalemate - with the Nazis still existing. So there's definitely a contribution on the part of the average Soviets that needs to be remembered and appreciated.

Of course, the Soviet government was frickin' evil and incredibly incompetent. The purges killed millions, the collectivization, killed millions more, and the post-war occupation saw the murder of hundreds of thousands, millions of women raped, and tens of millions enslaved. So yeah, the Soviets were evil, but there's enough of their history that deserves praise that it's not immediately objectionable to sit there.

It's certainly not hypocritical, given what Bush said in Latvia. Putin and the world heard it, even if CNN refuses to report facts inconsistent with their false "gotcha!" story.


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