May 25, 2005

Club For Growth, Fight Don Young

Don Young is the porkmaster of Congress, getting Alaskans the highest per capita pork spending of any state population. The state has unique needs, but many of these projects are simply unnecessary. There's the $1.5 million bus stop upgrade in this year's budget Young got in. Or how about hundreds of millions of dollars for remote, lightly-populated parts of Alaska to have enormous bridges. Of course, he also has many other pork projects.

Now, I happen to like Alaska and I have respect for its history and its role in this country. I'm glad Seward bought it for us. But that doesn't mean I think they should all sorts of massive pork projects, because no state should get to spend our money like that.

The Club For Growth is supposed to be about making primary challenges against Republicans (or Democrats) that abuse free market principles by supporting opponents that back the free market. Don Young seems to be pretty entrenched in the pork barrel games of the Congress, and it would potentially save the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year to get a better Republican in his spot. It would take a hell of a lot to move him out of his spot on top of the hill, but you should never underestimate the independence of Westerners (I include Alaska as a Western state, but not Hawaii).

Club For Growth, please send the message that out of control pork is no longer acceptable; challenge Don Young for the Alaska House primary.


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