April 24, 2005

Yaron Brook: The Pro-War Ward Churchill

Perhaps in a case that will help explain to the loony left just how freaking wacko those on the fringe truly are, Yaron Brook, Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, said at Tufts University last night that George Bush ought to dispense with democratization and simply kill all the enemy - including civilians who are normally regarded as non-combatants.

Without relying on the tortured, anti-capitalist machinations of Ward Churchill, Brook said in effect that in a war any enemy is a valid target, even regular people. He called them part of the war machine and said that chemical or nuclear weapons would be morally necessary to use if they were necessary to win the conflict.

He criticized Just War theory, which sets specific conditions which any conflict must meet to be morally justified, and more broadly blamed altruism for the failure of policymakers to implement his ideas. Apparently we're acting out of an effort to be nice, rather than any sort of moral objections to wholesale slaughter of an innocent populace. Gee, you'd think an Objectivist would understand morality is more than an attempt to be generous.

From the Tufts Daily article:

    "All Americans today owe their lives to leaders who do whatever it takes to win the war - [those past leaders] were willing to kill anyone. Civilians of enemy nations are part of the [enemy] war machine," he said.


    He also criticized just-war theory's idea that combatants should be distinguished from non-combatants. "Directly targeting civilians is perfectly legitimate," Brook said. "If it's possible to isolate the truly innocent - such as children and freedom fighters - at no military cost, then do so. But insofar as the innocent cannot be isolated ... they should be killed without any moral hesitation."
So obviously he either has mild autism or he's a sociopath. He's got a few screws loose, however.

I like what one of the feedback comments says:

    What is Objectivism? Some sort of collectivist/socialist ideology?

    I find it monstrous to kill innocent civilians for the crimes of their leaders and their armies. That's nothing but collectivism at its most ugly. Morality and justice pertains to individuals, not to collective entities like the state.
Right on the money. If you can be killed for the misbehavior of others then you have no freedom. You're nothing more than a member of tribe in a collectivist war. Objectivism is supposed to be individual-focused, and this sort of thing is fundamentally anti-individual and anti-freedom.

These ideas are absolutely despicable.


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