April 07, 2005

The Worst Thing I've Ever Seen

Normally I enjoy violence, action movies and war stories. But this video, especially Part Three (on the high-speed side) was just horrible. I feel completely numb.

The video itself wasn't done very well, originally, with jump cuts and actual video and photos put in without warnings. The transfer to computer format wasn't done very well either, as every segment seemed to cut off at least five to fifteen seconds. All the same, it's incredibly horrifying. I literally had to turn away for a good sixty seconds.

So what's it about, then? Abortion. They have just disgusting pictures of the victims dropped unceremoniously in buckets, which I couldn't look at. The video is narrated by Bernard Nathanson, a co-founder of NARAL and an abortionist who ran the largest abortuary in the Western world. After the development of fetology and ultrasound he became pro-life.

What was truly horrifying was in part three where they use an ultrasound to show an abortion taking place. I didn't realize anyone had ever done this, and according to the video it was done by an abortionist and a feminist who I can only assume thought they were doing something good for their side. I really don't think the thing is faked, because it's obviously on a somewhat light budget and it's from the mid 1980s.

They actually showed it. I'm still in shock. I actually saw the 12-week fetus sitting there, moving slightly, suck its thumb. Then the cervix is dilated and the suction comes in. The fetus, still in the amniotic sac, begins to move rapidly and violently. Its directions tended to be up and away from the direction of the tube. They showed how, after the sac was punctured, the fetus was grabbed by the tube. I watched the tube suck all the limbs off. I saw it. It was in front of me.

The head is too big for a tube. It doesn't fit out of the cervix. They have to use a special crusher-tongs device. Then the doctor, who ought to know having aborted hundreds or thousands, that the abortionist and anaesthesiologist have a code to talk to each other. They don't call the head a head, they call it 'number one.' Like they don't know what it is. If it's just a clump of cells, why does it have a head? How many clumps of cells suck their thumbs and can have their heads crushed? It's like they're playing everyone.

They can't just fucking admit that it's a human head they just fucking crushed and now they're yanking it out.

I mean, Jesus Christ, the fucking baby was jumping around and moving for its life. When they finally captured it, the fetus' mouth opened.

Its mouth opened.

It tried to fucking escape. Why would it try to escape if it's just tissue and cells, nothing more? Why would it open its mouth visibily? Why did the heart rate speed up dramatically to 200 beats per minute? Why did it leave?

How the fuck is it that it's legal to take a baby sucking its thumb and rip it literally limb from limb after it moves all around trying to escape? That makes no goddamned sense. Just fuck it all.

Worst thing I've ever seen.


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