April 14, 2005

Time To Kick Ass And Take Names

Tens and hundreds of thousands lie dead in Darfur, and possibly thousands or tens of thousands of women have been raped, in addition to over a million people driven from their homes and lands. The Arab Muslims in the north are trying to wipe out the Black-African Christians and animists in the south. It's genocide. Genocide by murder, genocide by famine, genocide by rape. They are trying to eliminate the people they don't like, who look different, who have different last names, who have different religions. It's the same story, playing out again.

Unlike previous crimes against humanity where virtually the entire world plays a part closer to 'criminal' than 'humanity,' we have the power to stop it now. We've already lost many lives and families, but there's no need for more to die needlessly.

There's almost no interest in the blogosphere for this action. Why? These people are dying and few countries have the forces and the will to stand up to hateful, murderous, genocidal Islamo-fascist evil. Make no mistake, this is evil. There's nothing more evil than genocide; bigotry, ignorance, rape, murder and theft all rolled together in a mass of death and pain.

Let's also remember that this truly is racism. Islam, a religion that's supposed to be non-racist and provide equal access for all Muslims, has a long and sordid history with black Africans (though certainly not entirely bad). After all, the Arabs were the ones who originally started chattel slavery of Africans and they sold many Africans to southern Europeans. In fact the Arabic word for (black) slave is Abd and the Arabic word for black is Abid. Notice the similarity? The Arab and European slaves held by Muslims were treated substantially better than the black slaves, who were given the hardest manual labor. It's entirely reasonable, then, to point out the history of Arab-Muslim racism that has contributed to the current crimes against black Africans in Darfur. It's documented that many of the janjaweed rapists call their victims dark and say they want to make a light baby. In Arabic lineage, the baby's status is determined by the father, so a mixed-race Arab-black coupling (rape or otherwise) produces an Arab.

Needless to say, this is an example of the misogyny present in violent Islamists. Rape as a tool and tactic to wipe out a people; rape as a weapon alongside military force; rape as an institution and an occupation. If these aren't misogynists, then the term lacks any real meaning.

Sudan is by far the most Islamist-oriented state in the world, especially with the fall of the Taliban. They've gone will beyond the tactic of covertly paying terrorists to go attack elsewhere and beyond sponsoring them proudly; they are supporting and encouraging the rape and murder of people whose only crime is being black non-Muslims.

Sudan is a serious focal point of terrorist action and activity. After all, one of our bombed embassies was in the Sudan. And Osama was hiding in the Sudan for years. We already attacked Afghanistan for sheltering Osama and Al Qaeda; we ought to attack the Sudan for assistance it gives to the janjaweed death-militia and other terrorist organizations.

We ought to intervene to save the lives of the people being exterminated. We cannot condemn the Holocaust in good faith when we refuse to acknowledge and intervene against the genocide currently taking place in Darfur.


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