April 07, 2005

Republican Wrote Schiavo Memo (tip to QandO)

In a fit of political stupidity, the damn fool who wrote the Schiavo memo was a Republican and legal counsel for Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL). Not sure why he wrote it on blank paper, left it unsigned, got the bill number wrong, or had a good half-dozen typos in it. I can't imagine him being a very good lawyer if he's dumb enough to write such a crudely argued piece, reproduce such a sloppily defended political argument, type it in such a poor manner and then fail to credit it, sign it or put it with an official letterhead.

Anyway, a number of people went beyond skepticism of the memo's origin and blamed it on the Democrats.

But as far as the memo itself goes, that's meaningless. Just because one guy seems like a huge ass (couldn't even come up with his own reasons to save Terri?!) doesn't mean that it condemns the whole movement. After all, Ted Kennedy, Gary Hart and Bill Clinton don't mean that all Democrats are drunks, addicts, philanderers, adulterers, rapists or murderers.

That's only the successful ones.


Kidding! Sheesh.


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