April 18, 2005

Irony Lost Entirely To Loony Left

The left is now so crazy that they are becoming impossible to caricature

I changed my AIM profile to a large, bold, courier font to mimic a news headline (something I've done for a while for different jokes) and made it say:


This fits in with the theme I had, where I had GreenPeace protest man's first fire and PeTA sue to domestication of animals, or something to that effect. I figured it was funny and although it correctly cast these groups in a light of dogmatic extremism, I didn't think they'd actually do these things. I think they ought to, in order to be consistent with their rabid views, but the point is that they accept many things from the past while ragging on the present and future.

Anyway, apparently some guy named O'Leary actually sued (link to Volokh Conspiracy) Sacramento County saying the name's religiosity made him suffer "anger, shame, fright, humiliation, mental anguish, emotional distress and physical distress," all of which made him "go 'underground' with his Christian religion." Obviously it was rejected because it's still called Sacramento. The case never went to trial (procedural issues) but it kinda pulls the wind out of my little parody's sails.

What's also interesting is the lgf post linked above. Ann Coulter's gonna be on the cover of TIME, and in the issue's photo essay on her, they include this picture of protests at the GOP convention in NYC:

The thing is, the groups shown clearly in the picture are from ProtestWarrior and CommunistsForKerry.com. In other words, they're both pro-Bush groups.

ProtestWarrior's first sign was this somewhat famous one:

And CommunistsForKerry.com is obviously a joke. They have slogans at the top like "Americans should be ruled by an educated elite because they are too stupid to think for themselves," "Give Uranium to Iranium," "Make your last vote count," "Cambodia and Vietnam, Unite," and "Stop the economic boom created by G.W.Bush!" There are others, most of them equally funny. What's obvious is that it's a joke website to mock Communists and Kerry.

But the TIME photo essay treats them as genuine protestors. They obviously looked at the picture and the insulting caption under it ("reactionary neo-imperialistic criminal") and took it at face value. They underscored it with this caption of their own:

Demon and Idol
Protesters blast Coulter at the G.O.P. Convention in New York City last year

The fact that it says CommunistsForKerry.com either didn't faze them or didn't grab their attention. What interests me is not their error in not noticing or stupidity in not comprehending the CommunistsForKerry.com group purpose. What interests me is that something intended as satire was taken at face value, and frankly isn't that far-fetched. Aside from the group name at the top, it actually does seem like something a wacky left group might do.

We've reached the point where the real leftists are crazier than the caricatures the right makes of them.

To be honest, without the CommunistsForKerry.com thing at the top, I wouldn't have an inkling of any satirical intent. In fact, when I first went to CommunistForKerry.com I still had some lingering suspicion that they might be a genuine group. Now, one could say that the CFK sign is bad satire because it's not far-fetched enough, but I think the problem is that the left has a fringe so extreme and so omnipresent at protests that it's become close to immune against normal caricature.

The ProtestWarrior Sign to the right of the same TIME picture says "LIBERATING IRAQI CHILDREN FROM TYRANNY IS CO$TING TOO MUCH" which is much more obvious satire, if only because the left would never admit that Iraqi children were, in fact, liberated from tyranny in their complaints about the cost of the conflict. But that's not a matter of extremes. I couldn't see anybody ever that would put an argument for saving money balanced against saving children from a tyrant. It would require the left to jump into an almost impossibly self-defeating and explicitly anti-human place (as opposed to their current place, which is only implicitly anti-human) or at least anti-foreigner.

But the CFK sign shows that the left really has gotten to the point where throwing buzzwords and splashing a red X and ENEMY on your intellectual opponents is normal behavior. It's not that TIME should've known better (though obviously they should've); it's that it was not unreasonable to think that sort of material would show up at a protest.

The hardcore left needs to seriously gain some perspective and realize how completely absurd they're being; of course, I'm not going to spend any effort trying to make them seem more palatable. This is largely just a coordination of crazy behavior to match their crazy ideas.


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