April 02, 2005

Democrats and Mandatory Charity

The recent trend of left-wing Yankee Democrats preaching the gospel in the South includes Howard Dean and Russ Feingold going to Alabama, Mississippi and elsewhere. Any decent election watcher knows that the suburban middle class in the South isn't interested in the economic policy of the Democrats and that a good three-quarters of the state thinks abortion is one of the worst things in the country today. So why do Democrats persist in trying to get people to vote for them who clearly haven't the economic or social motivation to do so?

They have a two-fold perspective: one, it's the South, so these people are POOR and need help to do anything, and two, these people are being swindled by the appearance of values that no non-poor Republican really believes. These are both false.

The South is one of the fastest growing parts of the country and has been for decades. In fact, virtually every one of the 100 hundred fastest growing counties in the US are Republican - many of them in the South and the West. The suburbs are a major part to the Republican emergence in the South, and these are people who often used to be Yankees themselves but moved South for the weather, the land value and the jobs. They bring from the North their view of markets and taxes fit for the GOP, and they don't need any handouts. If anything, a lot of the suburbanites in the South would be the ones footing the bill for the next grand Democratic spending scheme.

On the other hand, the most conservative, stagnant and shrinking communities voted for Kerry in 2004 - overwhelmingly in the Northeast and the West Coast.

And of course the idea that nobody really wants to ban abortion is a conceit of the pro-choice elite left. They can't imagine any reason for being pro-life aside from a blissful ignorance brought on by poverty - perhaps only excusable for those miserable poor people that are supposed to be escaping their economic plight with social conservatism. Such is their perception that leftists think anyone with a divergent social view is either evil or incapable of educated thought. Since they know their opponents have education, they think it's simple evil: manipulating the genuinely held beliefs of the poor to vote 'against their interest.'

It could never be that educated, secular people genuinely have a different view on marriage, life, abortion or guns, only that elite secularists are falsely proclaiming beliefs no rational person could believe in order to win power.

The Democrats' truly crazy view of themselves and others, however, is their disbelief that poor Southerners could actually want to vote against them. The Democrats seem to ask themselves "we want to give them money and jobs and social programs, how could they vote against us for those anti-choice homophobes?!" They can't imagine why the cultural condescension of the elite left matters or why the economic condescension of the elite left doesn't buy them credence.

The left prides itself on helping the little people; the problem is that they never hesitate to remind the little people just how little they are. And they can't imagine why the little people aren't grateful at this arrangement.


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