April 07, 2005

Captain Ed and Journalist-Bloggers

Now that Captain Ed has broken a major story (albeit a Canadian one) he's actually created an international story of his own, about what he did. What the articles and hoopla surrounding his posting suggest but don't quite directly declare is that this represents a blogger acting in a journalistic capacity - getting information from a source and posting a major break-out issue that's been affecting Canada for months.

Captain Ed is a journalist, even if he doesn't get paid by a paper, tv station or corporation for the work. Canada's even considering prosecuting him as a journalist for publishing the work on the 'net. Does this mean blogs will start to get a little more credit from conventional media? Maybe, maybe not. But this latest example of high-quality blogging suggests that hating the entire medium of the blog is old-world thinking.

Thanks to Captain Ed for showing once again that good journalism is a talent, not a privilege.


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