April 06, 2005

AlterNet: The Culture of Life

This incredibly annoying and poorly argued piece of Alternet suggests ten things the culture of life needs to be consistent. I won't bother with a piece by piece refutation, except to say that there's a difference between innocent lives and criminal lives, and a difference between crime, accidents, and legality.

What I will do, though, is offer suggestions to the Democrats, who suddenly have a newfound respect for liberty and limited government. I won't give them ten points to follow, but I will suggest they give a damn about the right to own guns, about the rights of foreigners and Iraqis, about the right to keep your own money, about the right to economic activity and about the right to anything besides sex and abortion.

I also found it interesting that their tenth point on the disastrously-designed International Criminal Court would extend jurisdiction over the entire world, but they didn't want the US courts to have jurisdiction over a matter pertaining to the rights of US citizens. Talk about your idiocy and hypocrisy.


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