March 14, 2005

She Knows That of Which She Speaks

Terri Schiavo is set to be removed from her feeding tube March 18th. Kate Adamson suffered a double brainstem stroke and was in a coma for 70 days. Doctors diagnosed her as being in a persistent vegetative state. Her feeding tube was removed and she was deprived of food for eight days. She says that the pain of hunger was overwhelming and horrible. She was conscious of her pain but helpless to communicate her situation to anyone. Using her ability to blink she was finally able to communicate with family and doctors. She's mostly recovered now and is a public speaker, relating her story for inspirational effect.

This shows that a) there's a decent chance Terri Schiavo will actually feel the pains of starvation when her tube is removed, and b) just because PVS has been diagnosed does not mean it's correct.

Maybe giving Terri even the slightest bit of rehabilitation is a good idea. After all, she hasn't received any in well over a decade. If she's truly a vegetable then rehabilitation won't do anything bad but it very well might do something wonderful.


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