March 30, 2005

Quick Review

Freeing murderers, rapists and child molesters from the evil scourge of the death penalty: morally righteous, progressive, good

Giving an incapacitated but mentally active woman, that isn't even accused of any crime at all, the mere chance to have her day in federal court: morally hypocritical, reactionary, evil

Due process and a "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard for people that drown their children, rape little girls and cut people into little pieces: absolutely integral to any civilized society

Limited due process and the low-ball "clear and convincing" standard for an innocent woman that happens to be bed-ridden: a token for the right-wing Christians

Republicans who say we need to save Terri and shouldn't rush to kill her: theocratic, war-mongering bigots

Jesse Jackson, Nat Hentoff and the near-half of voting House Democrats that say we need to save Terri and shouldn't rush to kill her: misguided but genuinely good people

Convicting Terri Schiavo to die based on heavily disputed, directly contradicted and suspiciously uncorroborated testimony from an estranged, adulterous husband: just determination of the rule of law

Convicting Mumia and Peltier through jury trials and repeated appeals, but allowing both to avoid the death penalty: racist effects of a white jury system

Saving murderers and rapists from the death penalty while killing incapacitated and helpless women and children: enlightened

Killing murderers and rapists while protecting and rehabilitating incapacitated and helpless women and children: barbaric


This has been a reality check brought to you by the same people who think you can make something cost LESS by putting it through both a union-heavy bureaucracy and a sluggish Congressional budget cycle.


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