March 14, 2005

Pro-Democracy Rally in Lebanon
Double The Size Of Pro-Syrian Rally

The Syrian opponents in Lebanon have come out with a mass organized protest for democracy and independence. Remember that the original protests were essentially spur-of-the-moment reactions to the assassination of pro-independence PM Rafik Hariri a few weeks ago. The resulting counter-protests by Shi'a Muslims under the auspices of Syrian-puppet gang Hezbollah were heavily organized. Now we see how the democrats in Lebanon can be strong once they put in a little organization as well: they trumped the pro-Syrian demonstration easily.

The democrats and independents are almost entirely Christian, Druze (a nominally Shi'a sect) and Sunni Muslims. The Druze fight in the Israeli army (when they live in Israel) and have struggled for some time to avoid persecution at the hands of Muslims and Christians. The autocrats and pro-Syrians are essentially Shi'a and Alawites (a small Shi'a sect and the ruling group in Syria). For an amateur overview of Islam, see my website issue article here.


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