March 30, 2005

Damning Indictment

David Welker at Ex Parte thinks that the GOP should change the rules so that an indictment can't force the leader step down - but that Delay probably isn't the best leader anyway.

It's probably a good change to replace 'indictment' with 'conviction.' Of course, the Republicans originally criticized the Democrats on the same point. The Republicans definitely played up the ethics violations of Democrats and were a major catalyst to many financing- and committee-related reform measures. So there's a little reluctance to do something like reverse the indictment rule some of them previously agitated for.

It would make sense, though, since prosecutors are widely credited with the ability to get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich.

But for Delay, I definitely agree. I have to admit that I never really liked the guy and I think he looks weird and unlikable. I don't pretend to know what's going on in Texas or whether Delay did any of it, but if he's genuinely concerned about the GOP and its policies then I hope he's preparing to step down - especially if he knows he's guilty. It would really help to not have to go through this stuff with the leader.

Of course, maybe the lack of activity on changing the rule is an attempt by some to let Delay die quietly and quickly. I don't know the machinations, but that's possible. When Trent Lott was kicked out for his Thurmond comments it was greatly pushed by Republicans who never really liked him anyway. That's what got Frist, a much more modern-style (Bush-like) Republican into office.


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