March 14, 2005

DailyKos in a fit of easily-explained hypocrisy

Armando blogging on DailyKos lectures:

"The most important thing Lieberman can learn from Nelson though is simply this - do NOT criticize Democrats."

Apparently they wanted to criticize Democrat Lieberman for... criticizing Democrats. Apparently Armando is the repository of the True Democratic Path and anyone who challenges THE PARTY must be sacrificed. Deviation is only allowed as long as yopu pay total homage and devotion to THE PARTY. Might as well be the enlightened monarchs that allowed limited free speech predicated on absolute loyalty.

More relevantly, it sounds just like idiots at DemocraticUnderground and FreeRepublic always criticizing the moderates in their party. If the moderates put up with the fringe then the fringe can put up with moderates. What really bothers me is that it's not playing itself out as a philosophical or moral struggle, but a socio-political one. They're not demanding adherence to a moral or a philosophical precept - something which can be important (hopefully everybody agrees that racists, for example, are fair game to shove out of the limelight of your own political organization).

They're demanding fealty to an organization - which is not a moral or a principle but a group. The only things that deserve that sort of absolute or near-absolute loyalty are family and God - or just family for agnostics and atheists. Parties can be right and parties can be wrong, and people have to be allowed to make up their own minds on the issues at hand - hey, democracy in action!

Partisans like this or the DUers and FReepers demand loyalty to the party because they assume that strength is more important than thoughtfulness, compromise, debate or even public relations. Rather than trying to finesse certain policies, they want to use lockstep loyalty to ram it down the throat of the opposition.

This sort of mindset of blind party loyalty is what makes politics so uninteresting for the rest of us. Rather than hearing a healthy debate on the merits, costs and needs of private accounts on Social Security reform we're reduced to stupid things like the gay marriage/troops thing from the right and the catfood/poverty thing from the left.

It's just such a sophomoric, closed-minded way to respond to a complex, important issue. We ought to be treated as intelligent people with minds that may differ on critical issues rather than mere vassals swearing fealty to Our Lord, THE PARTY.


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