March 28, 2005

Daily Kos Wants a Tax Cut?

Yes, but only because the tax in question disproportionately affects Kerry-voting states. Of course, it would still be the richest people (income-wise) in those states, but maybe the Democrats are finally acknowledging that rich Democrats are a major force on the left and that they're not all proletarian, working-class leaders. More than likely this isn't the case, even though Democratic billionaires like Soros, Lewis and others are probably the only thing that kept the 2004 election as close as it was for Kerry.

It's more a case of "our side versus your side" and trying to cut taxes on the states that went for them. But if it gets Democrats to agree to cut the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax, which is an attempt to force rich people to pay a minimum, thereby limiting deductions) then I suppose it's a good development.

This is such fair-weather friendliness to both tax-cutting and the middle class that it's laughable. One wonders what might have been the opinion if the AMT adversely affected Bush-voting states instead.

Of course, the discussion/comments section gets some things wrong, but mostly it's funny to watch them squabble over what constitutes the middle class. Democrats are trying to be gung ho about "defending the middle class" but I think that's just rhetoric for national politicians. Your average Democrat doesn't have a whole lot of sympathy for people paying taxes - they just think more program spending is the solution.

If a Democrat ever did anything for the middle class, it's probably because he was being unlike his fellow Democrats - voting for tax cuts, voting against the estate tax, against the capital gains tax, against small business taxes, voting for trade and NAFTA, etc.


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