March 03, 2005

Cato Report Card: Governors

The new Cato report card is out. Schwarzenegger got an A (84) and dearly departed Benson from NH got an A (82) while Owens of Colorado and Martz of Montana also got As (77 and 75, respectively). The much-touted Democratic moderates Granholm, Warner, Sebelius and Napolitano all got Ds (58, 56, 53 & 52). Democrat Richardson got a B (69). Republicans Pawlenty got a B (69) as well, while Romney got a C (66). Bush and Pataki both got high Bs (66) and (63). The Governors were split into full-term and mid-term groupings, so the scores don't always align to the same grade level between the groups.

A fuller reading is definitely called for. It's a very good system to hold Governors accountable economically. Stephen Moore, formerly of Club For Growth, worked on this one as he did previous report cards. They rate taxes, spending and the like, and the analysis is excellent. They always seem to exclude Alaska, I believe because oil revenues skew the fiscal policy of that state so heavily that it would shame all others. Wyoming was also excluded because of a spike in oil and coal revenues that also made it a poor comparison. Too bad, Alaska and Wyoming are two of my favorite states.

You'll notice a definite trend, and not a surprising one: Republicans tend to be near the top and Democrats tend to be near the bottom.


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