March 11, 2005

Bahrainis Protest (tip to IP)

In yet another example of peaceful protest in an anti-democratic setting, a few hundred people protested in Bahrain. They pledged to protest every week until three arrested bloggers are released. The protestors cited freedom of speech as the main reason for protesting. More on it from Al Jazeera here.

The three seem to have been running a banned website, and were arrested for it. It's only visible to those using non-Bahraini service providers. From AJ:

    Their lawyer said the three have been accused of criticising the royal family, inciting hatred of the government, spreading false news and rumours that could destabilise the nation, and violating the press code.
Here's hoping these guys get home safe. Bahrain is a Gulf state, quite wealthy and signed a Free trade Agreement with the US in September, 2004. Hopefully the Bahraini government will see that releasing these guys is the right thing to do.


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