March 29, 2005

Anonymous Schiavo Memo

I don't feel like getting into this one (Rathergate meets Terri Schiavo) but John Hinderaker has a very nice piece in the Weekly Standard on the developments here. Maybe many bloggers don't have an opinion on Terri, but they will have an opinion on sloppy reporting and potential subterfuge. Here's how he summarizes it:

    To sum up, then: (1) The memo itself conveys no information about its source. (2) It is very poorly done, containing a number of typographical errors, failing to get the number of the Senate bill correct, and using points cribbed word-for-word from an advocacy group's website. (3) The politically controversial statements are out of place in a talking points memo, and seem, on the contrary, ideally framed to create talking points for the Democrats. (4) Somewhat bizarrely, after the contents of the memo had been reported, someone corrected those typographical errors--but only those errors that had been pointed out by ABC. (5) No one has reported seeing any Republican distributing the suspect memo; the only people confirmed to have passed out the memo were Democratic staffers.


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