March 13, 2005

3-Line Quiz

Included in one of the lists at left, under the Quizzes section, is the 3-Line Quiz of my creation. A vast number of people seem to think that politics is uni-directional, based on economics or society or both. This is flawed thinking. A worsening number of people seem to believe that politics is continuum based solely on one's support for or against Bush.

On the Internet, the World Smallest Political Quiz created by David Nolan and spread around by the Libertarian Party has shown that there's a clear way to see politics in a bi-directional manner. Tons of spin-offs of that quiz abound on the Internet, but Nolan got it first, as far as I've been able to tell (he did it in like the 1970s).

Unfortunately, the familiar division of social and economic freedoms is too brittle to match current realities - like gun control for example. Gun control is a social or political freedom, not an economic one (at least not more so than prostitution is an economic freedom) and therefore on the WSPQ the left ought to be pro-gun and the right ought to be anti-gun. This is of course directly opposite reality.

I've created a three-line quiz that reflects not so much adherence to libertarian purism but belief in as many as 3 out of 6 philosophical poles. Since it is not meant to be plotted as a single point it's not 3 axes, but rather 3 lines - with a distinct point for each. I'm considering ways to further weed out libertarian purism from the test, but it's difficult considering my own sympathies in the matter. I'm also considering a) putting it all together as a single long quiz, b) making it a scale to 10, 50 or 100 instead of 30-something, c) adding a foreign policy component somewhere, possibly as a left-right line, d) making an entry for each of the several hundred permutations possible.

Try it yourself. Comments encouraged.


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