February 12, 2005

Why Palestinians Need To Dump The College Radical Left

The student activists who cheer Palestine (with offensive t-shirts and symbols that depict Palestine as encompassing the entirety of modern-day Israel) are a horrible detriment to the cause of reasonable Palestinians. While the more aggressive, terrorist-cheering Palestinians probably love to have a group of irrelevant flag-wavers around to raise issues that only a few hundred thousand people will ever hear, the more moderate, cosmpolitan Palestinians are getting screwed through guilt by association.

Yes, the Arab, Muslim Palestinians look worse from association with white, agnostic-Christian American students. Specifically, the BORN TO LOSE type that thinks 'there's no cause like a lost cause.' They pick a cause that's losing precisely because it's a loser. They think the more fringe and loser the cause, the more progressive-minded they are for picking it.

So to the many educated, Western-oriented Palestinians with legitimate concerns about the state of Palestinian democracy and security: dump the loony, spoiled students and remember two things Americans love: hard workers and the melting pot. Americans, all save the most hard-nosed, invective-spewing Buchananites, love the idea of hard-working immigrants that want nothing more than to live, work and worship as they please without bothering anybody or being bothered by anybody.

Cultivate this image of earnest hard work and a simple request for mutual respect - then watch as the moderate, reasonable aspects of the Palestinian argument are received much more kindly in the American political debate, and integrated consistently alongside our deep, continued support for Israel.


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