December 21, 2004

Neo-Libertarian Site Changes

I've gotten around to figuring out how to integrate the blog and my web-site. It took a lot of fiddling around, reading poorly-worded explanations on RSS and Atom feeds, figuring out the technological difference between publication and syndication, discovering and subsequently futzing with my FTP server, and of course quite a bit of amateur html edits to reorganize the location, color, size and URL for various things around here.

The NavBar, you will notice if you use it, is not in the same place as on the rest of the site, in part because I didn't try for very long to move out and in part because it would be pretty bulky to put it over there and to still include the links and so forth below it (stealing inspiration from the source code of the home page). I might just do it one day anyway, but for now I think this is enough change.

I'm not a programmer, so I don't really have anything but amateur training at this (like most online people) and I'm not suited to doing it for too long because I usually hit a wall where I can't just fake-act like I know what I'm doing.

Regardless, it's integrated now, so hooray. Check out the main site if you like. The newest thing on there is in the issue articles; I spruced up the abortion one very minorly and maybe a week ago I added a long thing on ANWR (which is different from the ANWR blog entry and in which I've modified my position in light of some facts and deductions).

I suppose now I really know what synergy means.

Maybe web development amateurs integrating blogs into their web pages is the the Spirit Quest of the wired world. Instead of walking off into the forest to hallucinate off of hunger, exhaustion and peyote, you spend hours trying to integrate programs without getting a restroom break or a TV interval. Instead of a cryptic animal Spirit Guide you find random web pages and super-geeks who seem to know everything but in reality give worthless advice. The line between cryptic wisdom and arrogant dumbassery is apparently somewhat subjective.

Or maybe I'm the only idiot who doesn't know how to professionally develop websites but tries to do it anyway.


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