December 22, 2004

Incompetent AL Abortionist Loses License
And Provisionally Suspended In MS

This is from LifeNews, a pro-life news website. I figure they're biased but they're not going to just flat out lie about facts any more than the ACLU or Planned Parenthood would make up a news story.

    In November 2003, a Birmingham, Alabama woman died just 10 hours after DeHenre performed an abortion. In February 2001, a 22-year-old woman required a hysterectomy after an abortion he performed, and three other cases of injured women were noted from 2001-2003.

Dehenre performed abortions in AL and MS but he says he probably won't practice any longer. He blames pro-lifers, saying they want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Apparently the "gross malpractice" the AL medical board accused him of was actually motivated by evil fundamentalist politics. What a joke.

Even pro-choice people would agree that incompetence and killing your patients is a serious matter and revoking your license to practice is hardly the scandal of the century. Anyway, this is quite good news because there won't be any more of these procedures from him, botched or otherwise.


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