December 23, 2004

Andrew Napolitano for President

Okay, he's not running, but I think he probably should. He's a regular contributor to Fox News, roundly criticizes things like the Patriot Act and other violations of civil liberties, and takes a very balanced, informed approach to the Constitution without sacrificing his commitment to the individual liberties of Americans.

He is (or at least was) a Republican. He is linked here in a writing he did for Cato talking about how the government breaks its own laws. With Judge Jim Gray in California and Andrew Napolitano (he became the youngest life-tenured judge in the history of New Jersey) it would appear the pro-liberty movement is getting more successful people from the ranks of eloquent, intelligent, experienced people.

Rather than just shouting off our moral principles, which any idiot (Michael Moore, Sean Hannity) can do with ease, Gray and Napolitano show us that being intelligent, balanced and passionate is the most persuasive path for libertarians to pursue.


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