December 23, 2004

Alan Henderson: Up-Armor 97% Done

Linking to a NewsMax story, Henderson points out in his blog that the National Guardsman who questioned Rumsfeld about scrap metal and so forth was wrong. Ninety-seven percent of the vehicles in his team had already been up-armored, leaving 20 that remained unarmored and 830 that were done. The 20 were already going through the process at the time.

The National Guardsman got the bad info from a reporter named Pitts, who rehearsed with him. Interesting to hear that not only was the guy 1) inciting a National Guardsman to commit an offense (I believe they call it insubordination; uniformed soldiers can't talk like that to superiors), 2) instigating a major news story, but 3) it was incorrect.

What's interesting is that Rumsfeld is actually looking somewhat vulnerable now, based off his grumpy reaction to a bad story. Naturally I don't expect to hear this reported anywhere, except Fox news which will probably repeat it a number of times.


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