October 28, 2004

America to Blame?

Plenty of people seem to think that the attacks on America are a response to US policy or even Western antagonism toward Islam. Had the French and British handled the Sykes-Picot Treaty better or the League mandates, maybe it wouldn't have happened. Had US soldiers not set foot on Arabian soil, we'd be okay. If the Crusaders had just stayed home then there would be no Islamist threat.

Besides being wrong, those ideas are just plain retarded. You have to be uninformed or idiotic to believe that argument. Since many people ARE woefully misinformed and underinformed about these matters, I'll suspend the idiotic and assume everyone is merely underinformed.

To answer that fallacious argument (that the US caused the attacks against us), you have to understand the foundation of the Islamic community, the umma, and the nature of a Muslim's obligations under the shari'ah. Islamic law requires a hierarchy of loyalties and the most important one is religion. Those of your religion are much more important than your region or country.

That's why Muslims from anywhere in the world fight EVERYWHERE Muslims fight - Sudan, Spain, Albania, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, and so forth. So the Islamists will go anywhere Muslims are fighting, even if they speak different languages or come from different countries.

You'll also notice that Islamists are currently engaged in conflicts with nearly every Muslim-bordered country, race and religion:

- black people, animists and Christians in Africa, the Sudan and Nigeria
- Slavic and Orthodox people in Russia, Serbia and Chechnya
- Jewish, Ashkenazic and Sephardic people in Israel
- white people, Christians, atheists, and Jews in the United States, Middle East, Iraq, the Balkans, Europe, Spain, England and France
- Indians and Hindus in Kashmir
- Communist-atheists, Buddhists and Chinese in the Uighur Autonomous Region of western China
- Hispanic, Southeast Asian and Catholic people in the Philippines
- Malays, Australians and other Southeast Asians in Indonesia
- Even Muslims and Arabs when they bomb hospitals in Iraq and hotels in Saudi Arabia

Radical, murderous Islamists are fighting nearly everybody everywhere. They are a small percentage overall, but when there are over 1 billion Muslims worldwide, even 1% is still ten million people ready to fight, kill and die for the cause.

If you were rude to a friend and he pushed you, you'd assume that you caused it with your rudeness. But if you friend pushed basically everybody he knew every day of his life, you'd begin to think that maybe it's just him. That's where we are in this situation.

Islamists fight everybody everywhere, and I really don't think that raping black Africans and blowing up Hindu Kashmiris has anything to do with the 1991 Gulf War or the Sikes-Picot Treaty. They attack because they can, because they want to, because it's their ideology. We cannot retreat, Al Qaeda specifically said as much. They offered Europe a way out of the attacks - withdraw from all Muslim countries and you won't be attacked, but they specifically excluded the US and the UK from the repieve offer. We're on the death list, we're #1, we cannot just pull out and hope that they'll change their minds.

It was not our fault that we were attacked. Although we have made many mis-steps and many errors and done things that are not acceptable in light of our values, that's not why we were attacked. These guys fight EVERYBODY and they fight the people who aren't invading their countries. The French got threats for banning headscarves in schools (religious symbolism in French schools is banned in general) and they had spent so much energy opposing the US invasion and cultivating a friendship with the Muslim world.

We cannot hide or cower, the two options are to accept Islamic dominion (but still live as Christians or Jews, if we so choose) or to resist it. This is their stated goal, this is how Muslims originally conquered their first empire.

That's just my pet peeve, please stop mis-stating clear facts. Whatever mistakes the US and West have made, the attacks were not our fault. Everybody in range of Islamists is attacked by them, every country, race or religion, and Islamists from everywhere will go anywhere. That's why we have to respond, because we're not dealing with live-and-let-live people who've been pushed too far.

We're dealing with the closest thing to religious totalitarianism, an extremist group of true-believers who will never cease trying to punish others for their own bad governments.


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