August 04, 2004

Badnarik Ad Hitting NM

The Badnarik Presidential campaign is releasing $65,500 worth of ad buys for New Mexico. I've seen the ad, it's pretty good, hits the right notes on war, the draft and so forth. It points out Bush is the war President and Kerry wants to send more troops to Iraq. Then Mike says he'll stop the 'coming' draft (just how likely it is to come is debateable, but a great plank nonetheless) and he wants to be the peace candidate.

I think this ad will appeal to indies who want a fresh viewpoint, independent-minded Democrats who want a non-Kerry Bush alternative (granted: not a lot of those) and Republicans upset with Bush over the war. Personally, I'm a little mixed, since I think arresting Saddam was a great thing. But we did our job, so I'm pretty open to a different policy now, assuming it's intelligent and ethical.

Much more importantly, Badnarik is 1) pushing his strategy for 'television, television and television,' and 2) doing it in a swing state like New Mexico, where a few hundred votes took the victory for Gore. If only a thousand people vote Badnarik based on this ad it could realistically swing the state. Badnarik would hold the balance of votes. If the whole Electoral College comes down to NM then he could affect the election - although granted, NM is a little small to throw the whole show.


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