July 29, 2004

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

I hate when people say red state and blue state because they always gives the Democrats blue. This is stupid for two big reasons.

First, most obvious, the color-coding of ideologies. If you're a red or a pinko you're left-leaning or a communist. What color is for conservative stock investments and the symbol of monarchy? Blue. In Europe, Red is the color for socialists and social democrats, Blue is the color for conservatives and Christian Democrats. They also have colors for other parties, but red and blue are the relevant colors. Giving Republicans the color socialist-red makes as much sense as calling them the party of the left. Conservative = blue; social democrat = red. get it straight, goddamnit.

Second, psychological. What was the main color for Gore-Lieberman signs and Bush-Cheney signs in 2000? What was the main color for most of the primary contenders in the 2004 Democratic primaries? What are the colors for Kerry-Edwards and Bush-Cheney? Yeah, all the same: dark blue. Everybody picks dark blue because it seems stable, attractive, powerful. Red can be very powerful and pasionate but it also seems radical and striking. There's a psychological advantage to colors, red has the potential to seem crazy and blue seems stable.

Regardless, it makes more sense to make the Democrats red and Republicans blue, because that's how the color scheme makes sense.

Libertarians should get yellow, gold or tan, that's the color for (classical) liberal parties in European tradition. The Greens uhh get green, although an Islamic party would have claim to green as well. For the Constitution Party it's harder, maybe some Christian-y color, or... brown. :) Nader should get gray because he's a muddled, stupid, sleaze who shouldn't get even the vaguest or mildest compliment by getting a real color. Anyway, there ya go.

Switch the colors!


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