July 03, 2004

The End Of Civilization!

People always say our culture is declining and this is the decline of civilization and blah blah.

They say it about sexualization in the media. They say it about reality TV. They say it about uneducated voters. They say it about corrupt politicians. Funny, they've been saying it forever. People said in the 1970s that the Gong Show was the decline of culture. They say it today about Temptation Island. They say we like violence and hurting each other, and we've become very gruesome and desensitized.

Well, during the Jacksonian Era, steamboats often failed and exploded. There were a lot of accidents and people, body parts and debris would be blown far away. It was very violent, gruesome and bloody. A lot of people died in these accidents. Newspapers were extremely detailed and specific on these stories, and talked about all the violence. People ate it up, reading those stories with great interest. Surprise, we like the Matrix and Fight Club and the action scenes in Heat and people back then loved explosions, violence and death as well.

Antebellum prostitution practices were also astonishing. One preacher bragged to his church crowd that he had ONLY visited a prostitute a half-dozen times. This literally met with astonishment and praise of rhis self restraint. Such were the times, where prostitution was very, very common. Of course, we have more pornography now, and birth control, so that might contribute to the huge drop in prostitution, but the point is that times were not a whole lot better then.

I just think it's hilarious that we keep hearing about decline of civilization, but we've always been violent and sexual. It's just been a fact of history. If anything it used to be a lot worse in certain periods.


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